Terms and conditions

for your stay in a villa in Puglia

Terms and conditions

Raro Realty srl is a Real Estate Agency and throughout the brand Raro Villas is the sole intermediary between property owners and persons wishing to rent accommodations.

Raro Realty srl is authorised to contract rentals on behalf of the owner(s) of the properties offered at the official price of each relative mandate. The minimum rental period is one week (7 nights), normally running from Saturday to Saturday. There are, some properties, however, that allow a flexible arrival and departure date along with a minimum rental period of less than 7 nights. The system automatically gives you or not this flexibility.

The rental prices are divided by season and are calculated on one week (7 nights) from Saturday to Saturday and/or per unit per night (if stays shorter than a week are allowed). All extra charges are detailed on the description of each property. The prices are an integral part of the general conditions of rental; Agents or distributors are not authorised to change the prices in any way.

All bookings must be made directly through Raro Realty srl or its agencies, which are authorised to act on behalf of Raro Realty srl. These agencies can also accept payments from the client on behalf of Raro Realty srl. If the client is booking directly on rarovillas.com website, the client must fill in the booking-form and accept Raro Realty srl “Terms and Conditions”.

A deposit of 30% of the total rental is due at the time the booking. The balance is due no later than 45 days prior to arrival. However, if the balance is not paid within this time limit, Raro Realty srl reserves the right to cancel the booking. Full payment is required for bookings confirmed within 45 days prior to arrival. Upon receipt of the balance, Raro Realty srl will provide the client with a rental voucher together with the address of the property, the driving instructions to a meeting point, the mobile number of the Resort Manager and the mobile number of the Raro Realty srl representative. Upon arrival the client must show the voucher before gaining access to the property. No other documents will be accepted. The voucher is personal and valid only for the names on the booking form. This is non-transferable. The Resort Representative or owner will refuse entry to the property if the number of persons exceeds the number mentioned on the voucher. If there is any change in the total number of persons during the stay, this change has to be agreed by Raro Realty srl in advance, otherwise the Resort Representative or owner can request the whole party to leave, in which case the client will lose the total rental. All changes and special requests must be agreed in advance and in writing with Raro Realty srl.

Payments must be made by either, credit card, bank transfer or paypal. For bank transfers the name of the client, the booking number and the property reference details must be clearly specified.

The client must arrive at the property between 17.00 and 20.00 (possible exceptions are mentioned on the property description or in the voucher). Any changes or delays to the arrival times must be advised to the Resort Representative or directly to Raro Realty srl. Should the Resort Representative, or owner be obliged to wait for customers after the agreed time of arrival, he/she may request a late-arrival fee. For the check-in made between 8.00pm and 10.00pm a charge may be applied up to euro 50. For the check-in made after 10.00pm there could be a charge applied up to euro 100. This fee excludes any pre-scheduled flight arrival times. Upon arrival the client must show the Resort Representative or the owner the rental voucher which will have details of all the members of the party. If there is any substitution of persons during the stay, this should be agreed in advance and in writing by Raro Realty srl, otherwise the Resort Representative can ask the whole party to leave. In which case the client will not be entitled to any reimbursement or compensation. In addition, possible extra charges, damage or cleanings can be deducted from the security deposit. The clients must depart between 8.00am and 10.00am, after returning the house keys and allowing the owner or his representative to inspect the condition of the property.

A security deposit, which relates to each accommodation, is required on arrival by a pre-authorization on a clients credit card or paid via the website, as guarantee for possible damages and/or extra charges which are not included in the rental price. Should the damage exceed this amount, Raro Realty srl has the right to ask for the full amount of damage to be paid in full and the client must pay. The Resort Representative, or the owner has the right to refuse entry to the property if the deposit is not paid, in which case the client will not be entitled to any reimbursement or compensation. This deposit will be refunded within 2 working days after departure upon satisfactory inspection of the villa.

Upon arrival the client will find the property in a clean and tidy condition. On arrival the client must pay to the Resort Representative the cleaning fees, if not yet paid. If the cleaning fees are included in the rental price, this is clearly detailed in the property description section on the website.

Heating costs are generally not included in the rental price as most villas are rented during the summer months when heating in not required. During non peak months when the rental rates are significantly lower, heating will be charged as an extra cost. Heating, if available, is detailed in the property description. Heating costs must be paid on departure to the Resort Representative.

Air-conditioning (if provided) is detailed in the description of the property and pricing. Should there be an additional charge for Air-conditioning this will be clearly detailed.

Electricity consumption is generally included in the rental cost. This information is detailed in the property description. Alternatively some properties have a certain allowance of electricity included in the rental. Where a property has an electricity allowance included (e.g. 400kw per week), any excess above this consumption level will be calculated and the additional amount is to be paid on departure (e.g. consumption of 453kw = 453 - 400= 53 x € 0.5 = € 26.5). Should a charge apply for electricity this will be taken only for the extra consumption after the allowable amount of electricity has been exceeded (see example above). A meter reading will be taken at check-in and check-out to ascertain the usage. Payment for the electricity usage is required on departure and have to be paid to the Resort Representative.

Majority of our villas do not allow pets. The possible exception needs to be checked case by case. We would ask that you check with us before making a booking.

The client(s) renting a Raro Villas is responsible for his/her behaviour whilst occupying the property. Should a client fail to behave in a civilized manner, the Resort Representative or the owner has the right to ask the client(s) to leave immediately and to ask for compensation. All damages incurred will be met by the client(s). Should the client be asked to leave, the client loses any right to a reimbursement. The Resort Representative or owner will deduct any damage amount from the security deposit. If the amount of damage(s) is higher than the security deposit, customers must pay the difference to Raro Realty srl.

The owner or his representative reserves the right to enter the property for essential maintenance works (garden, swimming-pool, etc.). This information will be given in the ‘House Booklet’ which can be found in all Raro Villas.

All accommodation, is inspected by a member of the Raro Realty srl team. Should the owner decide to make changes to the property, they are required to inform Raro Realty srl. The description of the properties detailed on the website are accurate and are made in good faith, Raro Realty srl makes every effort to minimize any description errors. If the client has a complaint about the property, he/she should inform Raro Realty srl immediately and confirm in writing detailing the problem within 24 hours. Complaints will not be considered unless this procedure is observed. Raro Realty srl reserves the right to inspect the property to verify the complaint. All reasonable attempts to rectify the problem will be made by Raro Realty srl or the owner. If it is deemed necessary by Raro Realty srl that the property falls short of that advertised, Raro Realty srl reserves the right to offer the client a similar property of similar value. This will be governed by the villa availability calendar. If the price of an alternative accommodation is lower than the price of the booked villa, Raro Realty srl will refund the client the difference between the initial price and the rate of the alternative accommodation. Should the client accept this exchange, no additional compensation can be sought by the client. If no property is available to move the client, Raro Realty srl will refund the remaining rental amount for the remaining days not taken. Under no circumstances will Raro Realty srl pay hotel or other accommodation costs. If a client leaves a property without giving Raro Realty srl or the Resort Representative the possibility of verifying the reason for the complaint, the client will not have the right to claim any compensation, for loss, or injury to personal feelings after the checkout. Clients who chose to leave the property before the established end date due to personal reasons, and not due a particular condition of the villa, will not receive any reimbursement or compensation. Raro Realty srl will not consider a client(s) complaint which is out of the control of Raro Realty srl for example adverse weather conditions, stings or presence of insects. Raro Realty srl cannot be held responsible for any shortcomings or interruptions to the water, gas or electricity supply, nor for damage to the pool filtration pump and for all events out of Raro Realty srl or the owners control. All reasonable attempts will be made to recover these services.

Raro Realty srl properties are not hotels but private homes. Their equipment, furniture and characteristics reflect the local style, the taste of the owner and the Italian and local traditions. Usually the coffee machine is the Italian espresso maker (moka) and not the electrical coffee maker/machine. Therefore, Raro Realty srl will not consider these elements as a cause for complaint.

Should the client for any reason cancel the booking, the following cancellation charges will apply. All cancellations must be confirmed in writing: A Cancellation charge will apply: - From the time of the booking to 7 days later € 100,00 will be charged as an administration fee and for the reimbursement of the expense for the file instruction. - From 8 days after the booking to 60 days prior to arrival 10% of the rental price - From 59 days to 45 prior to arrival 30% of the rental price - Less than 45 days prior to arrival 100% of the rental price For any amendment requested in addition to the original booking, assuming that the property and the rental period remain the same, the client must pay an administration fee of € 30,00. If the client asks to modify the rental period or property and a new booking has to be created the cancellation policy above will apply. Should the client re-book a different villa or date it may be possible to transfer this amount to the new booking. Any additional costs incurred as a result of a cancellation will be met by the client.

In the case of unforeseen circumstances affecting the property, that makes the property unavailable (also during the rental period), Raro Realty srl reserves the right to offer an alternative villa, dependent on availability. Should Raro Realty srl be forced to cancel a booking because of reasons outside of their control, Raro Realty srl will offer a property at the same cost of the property booked. If the price of the alternative accommodation is lower than the price of the booked villa, Raro Realty srl will refund the client the difference between the initial price and the rate of the alternative accommodation. Where no alternative accommodation is available, Raro Realty srl will refund the total price of the rental and no further compensation can be sought by the client.

For any dispute concerning bookings and lettings, only the Court of Brindisi will have jurisdiction and the Italian Law will apply. By booking both Raro Realty srl and the client accept the terms and conditions detailed in this document. Raro Realty srl’s responsibility is only bound by the rules for estate agencies according to Italian Law. If some of the conditions of this contract should be modified by new laws, the validity of the remaining conditions cannot be questioned.

In order to validate the booking, Raro Realty srl will hold personal information on the client. Raro Realty srl is responsible for managing this data in line with the regulations D. LGS. 196/2003 (Italian Law) and will save this personal information on an independent database. This data will be used by Raro Realty srl only to validate the booking and to communicate with the client during and after the stay. In any case this personal information will not be shared with any other third parties (the only exceptions are in case of contract and Italian law obligations). Raro Realty srl reminds the client that the client has the right to be informed and to oppose the use of this personal information as detailed in art. 7 of the above mentioned D. LGS. 196/2003.